Welcome to Fidalgo Feline

We treasure the love and companionship that cats offer us and want all cats to feel their best. We provide in-home care, offering:

  • Behavior consultations in the comfort of your own home to treat anxiety, house-soiling, destructive scratching, conflict between pets, and other challenges. Our treatments include behavior modification, enriching the home environment, and addressing medical components of behavioral problems.
  • Palliative and hospice services to allows cats with terminal conditions to live life to the fullest and with dignity until their passing, and to prepare for a peaceful passing.
  • Home euthanasia to allow you to say goodbye to your furry family member in the comfort of home with loved ones.

Dr. Hicks will be out of the office to volunteer with SOS Dubrovnik Cats as they provide medical care for the street cats of Cavtat, Croatia from April 25 to May 6. She will return any correspondences when she returns home. Thank you for your patience!